Cageside Projects

Here you'll find my projects, and maybe some other fun stuff.
Check out below for the links and description.

Rainbow Bash

Have you ever had the urge to just explode some colorful geometric shapes? Well, now you can! In this puzzle game, there is both exploding and geometric shapes. For your pleasure.

MMARanker is a ranking system for MMA Fighters, for the people - by the people. This is updated by MMA Fanks, and then put together and generated to create a complete ranking.


This is a incremental game played in your browser. The game starts out easy where you just click to generate your first dollar. But it gets harder and harder, the more you play.

Art / 3D modeling

I'm also a sort of amature 3D modeling guy. This is some of my creations.

  • Reboot

    Created: 2016-03-21
    This is an image I made for a 3D modeling competition on Reddits Blender community. It won the march 2016 competition "Let there be light".

  • Winter Ski Resort

    Created: 2015-01-03
    This image is also a price winning piece. It was submitted to the Reddit's Low Poly competition, that had a winter theme.

  • Swedroid

    Created: 2015-02-27
    I just wanted to test out the array modifier, and some of my skills here. A nice project was a background image for the Swedish Android community

  • Voat

    Created: 2015-07-09
    A background for the community, a Reddit clone. I just wanted to create something cool there, because it's an awesome community.

  • Svordom

    Created: 2015-06-14
    This is a logo/wallpaper for "", a page I made to keep up with when people used a sweare word. It was just a simple project that since then has been cancelled.

  • Winter Wonderland

    Created: 2014-11-22
    The Winter Wonderland was one of my first 3D modeling projects. It started out as a "low poly" project, and changed into some sort of mix. You can see that the center tree is in high poly, but the background is still in low poly.